Diabetes Management for HCPs

Written exclusively for HCPs caring for diabetes patients endocrinologists, Primary, CDEs, Nurse practitioners, pharmacists – it is sure to stimulate productive and beneficial discussions with diabetes patients. 

30 year clinical CDE, “…insightful for those caring for diabetes patients… not a rehash of management principles regarding lifestyle modifications but rather fresh, new thinking. It is definitely a must read.”

Diabetes Management for HCPs

Abstract: Excerpted from a soon to be released book ‘Strive for Perfection’, insight into effective diabetes management that was developed from interviews, academic studies, reports and reviewed by subject matter experts. The book was commissioned by EMIEN HEALTH.

Diabetes management is hard work there is no silver bullet when it comes to T2 or T1. Those with diabetes know the issues associated with this chronic condition they just don’t routinely practice what they know. The question is why.

The book details the argument, addresses the issue and related economics, this article advances the core hypotheses; which is there are proactive and reactive approaches to management age, ethnicity or diabetes type notwithstanding.

Of the 37.5M managing diabetes in the U.S. less than 6M can be defined as proactive; the healthcare system could improve on those results if [it] understood the true reason for reactive management this article delves into the solution.

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